domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014


Se supone que no haría post dentro de otro mes, pero tuve el mood el pasado sábado y un pretexto para usar este hermoso impermeable-chamarra naranja y caminar en la mañana fresca de la ciudad, and pasar el rato con amigos foráneos.

I supposed I wouldnt post until next month, but I had the mood last saturday and a good pretext to wear this beauty  orange Jacket-Impermeable and walk in the fresh morning of the city, and hang out with some incoming friends.

Como ya lo saben, me agradan mucho las prendas en negro, blanco y gris, y raramente cuando uso color, sólo es algo distintivo y no me gusta saturar de muchos, y si lo hago sólo es uno y predomina en el vestuario.

AS you may know, I like black, white, and gray clothing, and rarely when I use color, its only distinctive and I dont like to saturate, and If I do it, its only one and predominates the outlook.


Adquirida en una tienda/bazar en línea, ésta chaqueta naranja me llamó la atención obviamente por el tono, el corte, la forma creo que le hace justicia a cualquiera, y mis favoritos shorts oscuros con botas,  una tee-sueter gris pálido  en conjunto, y sí, no me quise peinar ésta vez, solución: Beanie y lentes.


Acquired at some online bazar/shop, this orange jacket got me obviously 'cause of the tone, the shape I think it gives justice to everyone, and my fav's black shorts + boots, gray pale Sweatshirt set, and yeah, didn't wanted to do my hair this time, solution: Beanie + sunnies.

Saludos a mi amiga blogger de planeta annie a quien recordé por su gusto por el naranja.
Greetings to my dear blogger friend from planta annie, remembered ´cause her taste to the orange color

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PHTGRPY: I. Franco
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SUNNIES: City Racks DF
SHORTS: Jean NewYork
JACKET: Bullock Willshire

martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


Entrevista a "Stefania Hernandez" Joven Emprendedora Local
— por Bruce C.
Interview to "Stefania Hernandez" Young Local Entrepreneurial.

Why did you pick"Vindemia" word?
—Vindemia in latin means Vintage, and its a part of clothing style we sell.

How did you decide what kind of clothing or accessories you wanted to bring to your costumers?
—I decided just because I saw everyone wearing the same, wanted to see different style and independent people to wear it.

Which one is the style, or kind of product that you manage at your store?
—We combine the Vintage style / Old School / Street Style.

Why did you decide to create a STORE/BRAND of clothing and accessories?
—Because it inspires me to see people that simply dress different.

What's the unique cuality that your brand can give?
—Vintage clothes are unique, never going to find the same somewhere else, tees and hoodies can be taste modified and thats why they're unique as well.
Any favourite clothig Trend?
—Gothic Glamour.

Which one would be that garment that we should have and could'nt be missed in our wardrobe?

—Mini black dress.

Have you ever collaborated in special events focused in textile industry?

—Matter fact thats how I've started, selling at cultural exhibitions of/from local designers.

What do you thing is needed to change somehow about the monotony of outlooks at your city?

—First of all, they need to be more open-minded, research a little bit more about new Trends and take risks to try new things .

Where do you place your BRAND/STORE at long term?

—Recognized statewide and starting to check the way to place it in other states.

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Perfil facebook Vindemia Ags/ VINDEMIA FB PROFILE

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